Jasmine’s makes it 1 kilometer raising money for Macmillan

Jasmine completed the 0.5 kilometer trail twice round as the Thameside Nature Discovery Park https://www.essexwt.org.uk/nature-reserves/thameside on the 10th of September. We are very proud of Jasmine, I’ll be honest I did not think she would make it twice round the trail, given the heat today. We also tried to raise funds for charity and the sum exceeded all our expectations. I also believe she could be the youngest to complete this event at 14 months, she only started walking about 2 and half months ago, Amazing. https://www.justgiving.com/page/jasmines1ktoddle?fbclid=IwAR2_LAmDn3JwtfXu24xNXBse71VPTFvzpL6p1huEDLAExgXZdbZnl3Mwr60 So Lucy and I would like to thank all those who supported her.

Jasmine receiving her medal.

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