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Jasmine Cordell

Jasmine Cordell 1 Day old

Lucy gave birth to Jasmine on Friday the 8th at 7:20am. She went into strong labor at 5:00am. I called the hospital and described the situation, they asked to speak to Lucy but holding a phone call was a stretch too far at the moment. We quickly got in the car and made our way to Basildon hospital with very little traffic. It was a beautiful sunny morning when I stuffed the car diagonally across the disabled area (sorry) but no one else was there 🙂

Lucy’s water broke as she literally got out the car and we made out way to the maternity unit. After knocking on various doors and walking, what seemed like lengthy corridors, we were ushered in by the nursing staff. Lucy was monitored for 30 minutes where we could also hear the relief of that heart beat, which was at 160bpm at that point then dropping to 140bpm. The first midwife was Jepu Lungie whom was part of the night staff. She handed over to Rebekah who was there until the birth. After the initial 30 minute observation Lucy was given NO2 (Nitrogen oxide, gas and air). This relieved the contractions that were coming. Then, after what seemed like no time, Lucy was told to start pushing. Fifteen minutes later Jasmine was born.

Lucy and I would like to give a massive thank you to every one who has sent cards and gifts, we are very grateful and appreciate the support.