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Today I was not feeling so well, man flue so I vegetating in bed on the net and stumbled across Netflix. I had a free month trial. I had heard that the Microsoft Silverlight is at the sites core and me being on Linux I would have an up hill battle. However, to my surprise it was easy to get this working. I followed the guide for my distribution (gentoo), there are guides for all other popular Linux flavours also for PipeLight

I think most people would ask why bother. I think its a matter of exploring what technologies are being used to deliver particular content. How its being used to maybe “control” users into certain decision that reflect buying decision.

And also to exercise my freedom and to show that large corporations will not encroach on my choice of operating system.

Don’t worry I know what your thinking (This guy uses a tinfoil hat to stop the government reading his thoughts). Not at all. You can either see what I’m getting at or don’t care 🙂 Let me know what you think and maybe give it a go yourself its easier than you think. The last and quite important reason I did it is to have the stability and security of Linux as the basis.